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It seems that most people are of the opinion that plumbers and heating engineers charge far too much for their services. Plumbers and heating engineers are often considered to be low skilled professions and yet they charge anything between 50 and 120 pounds per hour. For people who earn minimum wage, I understand that this seems really expensive, but it will almost certainly be cheaper than you could do the job for yourself.

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Your average self employed plumber will have spent a considerable amount of money so that he can tackle any plumbing job, quickly and safely, the amount spent on tools can easily run into several thousand pounds.

In the UK an employee is entitled to a minimum of 28 days holiday and I would like to have that as well, this year in the UK there are 254 working days which means that on those 254 days of plumbing I have to earn enough to pay for 28 days when I can't do any plumbing. 

And whilst it would be nice to be working 254 days, in reality, I will spend one day every 2 weeks quoting for jobs, which reduces my earning days to 229 days per year.

Then there were days where I could have worked but for some reason beyond my control I was unable to do so, last year this was 17 days - mainly due to delays caused by other trades, items being delivered to site late, and customers requesting the work be done on different days.

So I now have 212 days to earn enough money to last for a year.



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